Languages homework help. Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Human Resources in Blue Sky Company. The report also attempts to suggest the best possible way of fully utilizing the services of the employees of Blue Skies in taking a leading role in this change initiative without compromising the integrity of the organization. Finally, an assessment of the organizational implications of Blue Skies changes strategy will be discussed particularly on the kind of structure, culture, and systems that are necessary to make it work as well as giving the recommendations on the action plan that can be implemented. In view of the changes being proposed at Blue Skies, this report attempts to suggest and establish the best way the organization can effectively utilize the employees as well as recommending a suitable human resource management strategy that can be used to manage and empower the human resources at the organization. The “Blue Skies” advertising agency was founded in the UK in 1987 by two friends who studied together at University. Over the years the agency has grown and has received recognition within the industry for its innovation and creativity, particularly in the use of information technology. Therefore, it has underscored to become an international company with offices across the globe with a reputation for being innovative as well as a renowned company for attracting and retaining talented workers. However, this initiative has redefined its performance history as well as its operations. This led to the resignation of two managers, loss of two accounts as well as some form of resistance that has led to poor performance among employees. Thus, the major aim of this report is to suggest strategies that can be adopted and give a critical analysis of the best structure, culture, and systems that are necessary to make it work. A reflection about the action plan for implementation and recommendations would be given at the end of the analysis.

Languages homework help