Languages homework help. Need an research paper on the japanese health care system. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. There are four major kinds of health care systems globally.&nbsp. Single-payer is one type of system, and this means that the government pays for the health care of the citizens, and the citizens pay the taxes that pay for this type of system (Docteur & Oxley, 2003).&nbsp. Employment-based is another type of health care system, and this is the type of system that Japan, the country that is the subject of this article, utilizes. In this system, the employers provide their workers with health insurance through premiums which are taxed to the employee and this money is paid directly into the health care. The government may be involved in this type of health care system, in that the government sets the premium amount (Tanner, 2008). Managed competition is the third system. In this system, individuals are mandated to have health care in this system, and employers are also mandated to provide health care to their employees (Docteur & Oxley, 2003). In the fourth system, which is the private insurance provider model, private insurance and private providers are used, and there is not the kind of controls and mandates that are a part of the managed competition (Tanner, 2008). Wealthier countries spend more money on health care than do poor countries (Marmot, 2005). In this essay, the Japanese system will be examined in more depth. The Japanese system will be the system that is the subject of this essay. The reason why the Japanese system was selected is that the system was evaluated by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) as having one of the top health care systems of the countries that comprise the OECD (Minhat et al., 2012). Moreover, the Japanese system is somewhat unique in that its system emphasizes both the wellness of the citizens and alternative medicine (Tanner, 2008). As another consideration, the population of Japan is aging, as the average life span in that country is 81.9 years, while there is also a low birth rate (Tanner, 2008), therefore the strain of an aging population would be especially pronounced in this country.&nbsp.

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