Languages homework help. IT Security Policy Framework Approaches and Organization Presentation  As a manager or leader in an organization, it is vital for you to understand critical  IT Security Policies and laws that affect your organization so that sound policies, procedures, and guidelines can be established to ensure that your organization conforms to the various laws. It is also important for employees of an organization, as well as other entities that interact with the organization, to understand the basics of IT Security Policy Framework Approaches and Organization Alignment. In a very brief and easy to understand format, create a presentation that can be used to instruct individuals and groups on how to use IT Security Policy Framework to help with the alignment of IT security in your organization. For each policy or idea, create a single slide that cites the full title of the policy, providing a brief description of the policy and its content in 4-5 bullet points. To gain interest, utilize graphics and a colorful slide set theme, but ensure that the presentation is easy to read and understand, is professional in appearance, and is visually pleasing and balanced (consistent fonts and font sizes).FormatThe format of the presentation should follow the following professional guidelines:Title slideIntroduction and/or Agenda slide A single slide for each law Conclusion slide Reference slideUse current APA format for your citations and Reference slide.

Languages homework help