International Development homework help. Compose a 5000 words essay on Valuing an IPO for aSstart-up Biotech Company. Needs to be plagiarism free!The company sees itself having unique intellectual property which will give it significant advantages in the area of greenhouse gas mitigation. This is seen as the largest market within their portfolio and with an equal degree of difficulty to establish when compared to other technologies such as cyanide recovery or caustic recycling. Hence it will have the greatest influence on pricing shares for an IPO.“To be the leading suppliers of propriety technologies to our customers from all over the world specially Australia with focus on providing technologies which can assist firms in creating a better environment for our future generations”We aim to become one of the leading players in offering propriety technology to most of the customers from Australia. Our focus therefore will be on providing technology which can assist our customers in creating a better environment for our future generations to come.Markets for such technologies are relatively large and can offer potential business prospects owing to the extent of their size and operations. For example, there are seven major oil refineries that are currently operating in Australia with almost 85% of the oil requirements are fulfilled through domestic production of oil and petroleum products.1We therefore see a large market which can be potentially exploited in order to gain access to the market which is really more attractive for this type of business. Since consumers are becoming more and more savvy and are demanding firms to be more socially responsible. With more focus on implementing legislative frameworks which require firms to employ technologies which can help reduce the impact of pollution on the environment, we believe that the firms will be interested in acquiring such technologies which can assist them not only to meet the regulatory requirements but also fulfill the expectations

International Development homework help