International Development homework help. Write 1 page thesis on the topic week 3. Proffesor: Policing Challenges Police officers when resolving disputes, enforcing criminal law and assisting citizens face a different problem while applying the watchman, legalistic and service styles of policing. When the police are expected to meet the needs of the citizens while enforcing the law, they end up meeting many challenges. In assisting the citizens, the police use service policing style, and this can include the provision of service like traffic control. When assisting citizens through traffic control, the police officer must observe the traffic rules effectively. The community or the citizens do not observe the traffic rules because they are always in a hurry and overtake even in a roundabout. If the police officer respects the community needs in this case, a lot of accidents will occur. Police acts as a deterrent for any criminal act or bad behaviour. Sometimes the presence of the police is required to resolve disputes like in the case of neighbourhood or domestic incidents (City of Boise 2). In resolving disputes the police can not meet the community needs because sometimes the community may side with the offender but the police should not favour anybody in order to please the community. For example, some communities support wife-beating and in this case the police should not side with a husband who beats his wife. When enforcing criminal law the police are faced with problems. Even when arresting an armed robber the police should not kill because an individual is not guilty until proven guilty by a court of law (Schmalleger 154). When performing the community policing duties the police face different problems. When assisting citizens, the police may be insulted by angry citizens. In this case the police should explain their actions in respect to the laws and inform the citizens on how they should act. In resolving disputes, the police can be bribed to rule in favour of the offender. In this case the police should completely avoid bribe. In enforcing criminal law, the police are assaulted by criminals. In this case the police should always use necessary force when making an arrest (City of Boise 1). Works CitedCity of Boise. Crime Prevention. Retrieved from 15 September 2014. Schmalleger, Frank. Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction (10th Edition). New York: Pearson Education, 2013.

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