International Development homework help. Compose a 1000 words essay on BA. Needs to be plagiarism free!It operated in large scale with very flexible approaches to business decisions concerning the entrepreneurial skills where there is hierarchy but the ideas flows from the bottom-up and top-down. This paper therefore seeks to assess the existing business model for the vice and give recommendations of the alternatives that will help the company to continue to grow.Vice had a unique content that was provided freely to all its audience that was disseminated all over through its print media and online channels. For the video content to be produced effectively and efficiently there is need to be a producer, the person who will report and even the cameraperson that will be commenting on the events and document. For the investment, vice company should have a new financial and operational base that that had not been part of the culture of the company. Investors therefore should ensure that the vice company has put a system in place that will support the strategy and to ensure that there is rapid growth of the company. Continued growth means that there is greater attention towards labor standards for example making the internship program formal and also to ensure that the employees are provided with performance review (Farzad 3).In terms of the strategies, the vice should introduce a new strategic planning vernacular that the vice will use to address the budget and the return on the investment. For the vice to be considered mainstream it must consider diversification and launching territories internationally where the global audience can grow steadily and consume a type of content that could only be offered by a few organizations.In terms of the revenue, the vice should consider monetizing the content of the video to be online then sell advertising for online content. The vice company should consider to create customized initiatives for the company brands where everything is considered from the brand strategy and

International Development homework help