Question Description

As the professional nurse, you realize that your care area often sees patients with the same particularly challenging nursing care issue (NOT medical care issue). As you plan your answer, pay close attention to the following instructions:

  • Identify the nursing care issue or problem and justify why it is a nursing care issue in need of implementation of evidence. Remember, this should not be a medical issue. Think about why this is a nursing care issue and what would happen if we did NOT \implement evidenced related to this issue?
  • Explain how you would search the nursing literature for evidence and critically appraise the evidence on one of the best topics. What search terms would you use to find the evidence? What limitations would you put on the search results in CINAHL? How would you determine if the evidence that you rea is credible and sound? How do you determine if the article you read really contains evidence?
  • Explain the steps that you would use to implement the evidence into practice. After you critically appraise the evidence that you have read, how will you determine if it applies to your care setting? What is the first step toward implementation? What if the evidence you find in current scholarly professional nursing journal articles conflicts with your facility’s policy…What will you do? What is the role of patient preferences in EBP?