History homework help. Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Historia Electronica Preface,.However, all this is missed out in electronica why so much of it is characterized by naïve melodies that resemble chimes of a music-box. In electronica, the pigment is more essential that the lines and therefore complicated melodies would definitely hinder the materiality of the original sound. Due to the recent technology which includes the use of computers to serve the purpose of the guitar and digital signal processing, allow an outstanding display of timbral colors.In electronic music dance, every element functions as both rhythm and texture. On the other hand, melody is presented as simple, little vamps that function as rhythmic cogs which interlock, resulting to a groove. Drums patterns are mostly experienced in electronica music dance and the rhythmic subdivisions become more complex overtime.Electronic music dance portrays the aspect of being lost in music. People are carried away by the rhythmic sound as they are meditatively engaged in the sonic events that infuse more. Drug imagery comes out as a central aspect in electronic imagination, and this enumerates the loss of ego that makes one to be overwhelmed. In the hierarchy of senses, sight which is mostly privileged is overthrown as hearing is considered the most superior sense. This notion provides a good reason as to why light is not preferred in warehouse raves. The impression created out of this is that when visual is diminished, sound becomes more vivid. The audio-tactile which is a vibrational continuum acts as the amplifier and literally obscures retinal perception. The culture of the dance is about participation while the video is about spectatorship. If the club is more underground, it is likely to experience less visual distractions as there is less to be seen and the scene is more hardcore in electronic music dance.Electronic dance music is closely connected to the drug culture. Even when the music is not meant to enhance drugs, it relays drug-like

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