History homework help. Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Women’s rights in America (social Movements and Social Change). Women’s Rights in America Women’s social movements and social changes are important because it gave women an opportunity to do many things today that were considered masculine work. For example, today’s women have a right to vote just like men because of social movements that took place in the U.S. other countries for many years. Social movements arise because of the need of social change. It happens when a group of people comes together to call for what they see as missing or the need to access more opportunities in the society. In advanced economies like the U.S. or the UK, social movements entail a way or means by which marginalized groups can have access to decision-making. Most people who form social movements have specific demands or requesting a change in political, social, and economic system. However, many of them are outside the loop, and so they use protest tactics to achieve their demands. In 19th century, women were far different from men. they were disenfranchised, poor and unarmed. In spite of that, they struggled for a long time to achieve their rights without causing any harm. It took a long time for them to achieve their demands. perhaps this is attributed to their act of non-violence when they were demanding their rights. Learning social movements and social change is important in the U.S. because it reveals oppression directed towards women. Learning also provides an opportunity for us to compare women’s movements in different countries. There is a need to compare movements in various states with diverse political systems because some issues deemed important in might be left out.

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