History homework help. I need some assistance with these assignment. advantages and challenges of cloud computing Thank you in advance for the help! Martin Sandler, who is a director of HP systems security Lab says,&nbsp.“People often think of virtualization as adding to security problems, but it is fundamentally the answer to a lot of those problems,”.In a nutshell, cloud computing delivers major advantages along with negative consequences as well. For instance, information of an organization needs to be protected and is the ultimate responsibility of the board of directors for which they are also liable. Likewise, transferring information on the cloud determines that it is not manageable by the organization anymore and any consequence or a breach of data occurring on the vendor side will be a prime threat to the organization. Therefore, information security is part of due care and due diligence that is derived from the responsible employees of the organization.&nbsp.It is the prime responsibility of the organization to protect intellectual property and confidential information that may be related to customer personal information, trade secrets, patents, etc. Breach of any one of these classified information types cab result in a permanent loss of business and ultimately bankruptcy that may result in legal and regulatory compliance. Likewise, before making any strategy for transferring critical applications to the cloud, it is important to analyze the deployment and service models of cloud computing. The correct choice needs to be made to align business requirements to the correct deployment and service model without any unnecessary risk. There are three service models for cloud computing i.e. infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service (Wilshusen, 2011). Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is comprised of three components i.e. software, platform, and infrastructure. Organizations only provide software and platform and infrastructure is provided by a third-party cloud computing vendor. The second service model i.e. platform as a service (PaaS) also comprises three components i.e. software, platform, and infrastructure. Organizations only provide software or application that will be executed on the third party or vendor’s platform and infrastructure.

History homework help