History homework help. 1- You are the CEO of a mid-sized Los Angeles commercial bank. You are currently in a very low interest environment. Should you “lock in” (meaning take deposits in for a fairly long maturity) a substantial amount of time deposits at low rates of interest?2- You are the Chief Credit Officer of Bank ABC. Your top business development officer comes in with a proposal to make a loan to a new customer, XYZ Corp., which would result in XYZ bringing all their banking business and deposits to your bank, a very desirable outcome. XYZ buys and then leases out heavy construction equipment to contractors normally for up to 5 years.a. As part of your decision making process, what information must XYZ bring to you?b. Assuming most of XYZ’s equipment has an average life of 5 years, what kind of financing would most be appropriate for XYZ?3- You are the Executive VP for International Sales at ABC Company, Chicago, Illinois. You have just arrived in XXXX, the capital country ZZZZ, to sign the agreement for your company to sell $500 million in capital equipment to their Ministry of Infrastructure. It has taken your company over 4 years to reach this point, having competed successfully against strong French, Chinese, German and Japanese competition. At the “celebration” dinner the night before the contract signing, the Vice Minister pulls you aside and suggests that “in order to facilitate the smooth signing of this contract” it will be necessary for you to deposit $10 million in a certain Swiss bank account. What do you do?

History homework help