History homework help. Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic How does music transform people and me.For instance, when a person who feels sad and hears a certain song he particularly likes, he could be emotionally affected depending on the kind of music. Love songs oftentimes remind people of love relationships and can relate to the music. However, not all people are simply attracted to music because of the lyrics or the rhythm of the song. There are other certain aspects in music wherein individuals are particularly attracted to. Some people love to listen to loud music and prefer rock and roll over melodious songs. On the other hand, there are those who consider rock music as noise because they prefer softer melodies and choose country and classical music or inspirational like gospel songs.Through my observations, I think music speaks more than words to the hearts and souls of people. The effects of music can be manifested by individuals stomping their feet, nodding their heads, shaking their bodies or seem to dance even while sitting, when they listen to music. This is perhaps the reason why it is called the language of the soul. It moves the soul and makes itself apparent through actions. Some claim that they are able to concentrate more in what they are doing when they listen to their favorite music and I agree with them because I feel the same way.Personally, I love to listen to instrumental jazz. I am very entertained by Kenny G. and the Caribbean Jazz Project. When I pay attention to their music, it is as if I am transported to another world where I can be dreamy. It gives me a whole new perception which brings out the musician in me. I can imagine myself with an instrument making my own music and playing along with the sounds that I hear. So many times, such instances make me inspired to continue with my music and desire even more to become a good musician in the near future. Music strengthens me to always keep my dreams on focus and be unafraid of the challenges I face in life.Whatever choice of music a person has, it could perhaps be said that

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