History homework help. Research ReportBalancing Accounts and Interpreting Financial StatementsIn addition, your research paper should include contact/interview with someone in the financial accounting industry. Paper Format·       Use introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion headings·       Your paper should be 5 to 7 pages in length·       At least 5 references of an academic or scholarly source are required for this paper.  You are expected to use academic sources in peer-reviewed database or Internet sources, such as: “.org”, “.edu”, “.mil”, “.gov”, “.zm”  Sources not allowed are Wikipedia, Dictionaries, wikis, or blogs.·       Use APA, 6th edition, writing style for in-text citations and each reference source that you use.  Remember, all wording that is not your own must be cited.o   For APA writing assistance, select “APA Format Resources” on the Begin Here section of the Modules Tab·       Limit the use of direct quotes. Direct quotes should not exceed ½ page in total.  Deductions will result if this rule is violated.·       Use 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and double-spacing.·       The cover sheet should include group member’s names and course information·       Include a reference page in APA 6th edition style.

History homework help