Question 1 of 254.0 PointsAsbestos exposure has been associated with:A. pesticides from the organochloride familyB. asbestosis, malignant mesothelioma, and lung cancerC. metallic compoundsD. vinyl chlorideReset Selection
Question 2 of 254.0 PointsA sentinel health event refers to:A. the correlation between daily mortality and increased air pollutionB. the nuclear plant accident in Chernobyl, Ukraine.C. a case of unnecessary workplace disease that serves as a warning
signal.D. none of the aboveReset Selection
Question 3 of 254.0 PointsThe healthy worker effect refers to the observation that:A. exercise on the job causes workers to become healthy and gain years of
life.B. healthy persons are more likely to gain employment than unhealthy
persons.C. unemployed persons tend to have lower mortality than employed
personsD. none of the aboveReset Selection
Question 4 of 254.0 PointsA situation in which the combined effect of several exposures is greater than
the sum of the individual effectsA. thresholdB. latencyC. synergismD. none of the aboveReset Selection
Question 5 of 254.0 PointsThe time period between initial exposure and a measurable responseA. thresholdB. latencyC. synergismD. none of the aboveReset Selection
Question 6 of 254.0 PointsIt has been suggested that occupational exposure to benzene in the petroleum
industry increases the risk of developing leukemia. The levels of benzene to
which workers in this industry have been exposed were high from 1940 to 1970,
but since 1970 have been significantly reduced. 
What kind of study design,
using petroleum workers, would provide the most useful information on whether
benzene affects incidence rates of leukemia in this industry? (You may assume
that records of individual worker assignments to jobs involving benzene exposure
have been maintained by the industry.)A. Retrospective cohortB. Case-controlC. Cross-sectionalD. ExperimentalReset Selection
Question 7 of 254.0 PointsIn case-control studies evaluating the epidemiological evidence for genetic
factors, family recall bias:A. is the special situation where cases are more likely to be informed about
their family history than are controlsB. never occursC. does not matterD. only occurs in the controlsReset Selection
Question 8 of 254.0 PointsThe situation in which only a single copy of an altered gene located on an
non-sex chromosome is sufficient to cause an increased risk of disease refers
to:A. autosomal recessiveB. recessiveC. autosomal dominantD. none of the aboveReset Selection
Question 9 of 254.0 PointsThe situation in which a specific allele at the marker locus is strongly
associated with the mutant allele is known as:A. linkage disequilibriumB. single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)C. polymorphicD. none of the aboveReset Selection
Question 10 of 254.0 PointsPsychosocial epidemiology includes the following factors:A. psychologicalB. behavioralC. socialD. all of the above