Health Sciences homework help. Art wk 4From your reading and any additional research you have performed, had the role and purpose of art changed dramatically during the Stone Age? Survey the commonly recognized kinds of art, be specific about any changes to each kind, and support your position with evidence using proper formalisms and terminology.Identify a piece of art of any form, including but not limited to drawing, sculpture, pottery, writing, calligraphy, and architecture from particular period of the ancient world that you find particularly attractive. Using insights gained from your reading, critically analyze the piece in terms of form, function, and aesthetics for the people of the age.Identify a particular art form found in ancient times that, in your opinion, evolved significantly during ancient times due to some cultural, societal or technical change. Describe the art form, the nature of the evolution, and the drivers for this evolution. Be specific and support your answer.Attack or defend the following assertion and support your position with evidence. “During ancient times, art was primarily about the very rich and powerful, their relationship with their god(s), and often was associated or part of their journey into the afterlife.”Dance and music has been significant part of life across our planet in modern times. What evidence do we have about dance and music from ancient times and the role it played in society?

Health Sciences homework help