Health Sciences homework help. Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on reasons for illegal use of the drugs. Drug abuse has become a common phenomenon in most societies in the world today. The governments, community programs, parents, and preventive institutions have raised concern over the increased use of illicit drugs due to addiction, and most NGOs have come up with merged programs to assist in controlling the drug abuse. Although people give much attention to drug abuse on illegal drugs depending with the legitimacy in their nationality, the abuse of prescription drugs on non-medical reasons have increased tremendously, especially in the developed nations than in the third world countries. It is a problem that has trapped both the young and the old people in addictions, which make them to compulsively seek the drugs, despite a good number of them being aware of the harmful effects they have on their mental and physical health. The blame seems to be passed on to the health and medical systems for the constant and unregulated supply, though honestly, individual users and their supporters admit to needing help to suppress the use. Narcotics, stimulants, and central nervous system depressants drug abuse have continuously increased in the USA, and so has been the risk of threatening the citizens’ lives.The rapid increase of prescription drug abuse is turning into an epidemic problem in the USA. it costs the nation and individuals in Medicare and insurers, not to mention the risk of deaths. In the USA, in a Senate drug caucus hearing, Senator Feinstein reported drug abuse problem to rank the second after marijuana drug abuse, with an increase of overdose deaths in the last decade, and the abuse has been linked to medical prescription and dispensation than other sources.

Health Sciences homework help