Health Sciences homework help. Can you help me to Reconcile the corrected receivables ledger control account balance with the total of the individual receivables’ balances in the Receivables Ledger, thank you!Question 5 The management accounting at a catering supply company Rosie Ltd was preparing Rosie’saccounts for the period ended :3151 March 201?. As at the 315‘ March 201? the receivables ledger control account balance was £25,005 and thebalance on the receivables ledger was £26,5T5. Upon investigation, the accounts receivable clerk has Indicated that she has identi?ed thefollowing errors: a. The returns inwards day book was overcast by £100 b. A sale of goods on credit for £1500 was omitted from the accounts c. Amelia (a receivable} owed Rosie £300. Rosie offers a prompt payment discount of 2%for payments received within 30 days of the invoice date. Amelia has taken advantage ofthis and paid Rosie £204 which has been entered correctly In the cash book. No entrieshave been made for the £6 discount d. Jasmine’s Individual receivables balance had been entered in the receivables ledger as£720 rather than £2?0 e. Cash receipts of £26,500 from receivables had been correctly entered in the cash bookbut the amounts posted to the Individual receivables balances totalled £25,500f. The total of the sales day book was overcast by £500 9. An amount of £360 received from Thomas [a receivable} was posted to the debit side ofhis Individual account Required at Reconcile your corrected receivables ledger control account balance with the total of theIndividual receivables’ balances In the Receivables Ledger.[16 marks] b] Brie?y discuss why reconciliations are an Important task business complete[4 marks]

Health Sciences homework help