Health Sciences homework help. Need help with my writing homework on International Tourism Policy and Planning. Write a 2250 word paper answering; The target market for this tour would be the first time travelers to the Middle East and Asia. There are numerous such people in the United Kingdom who would wish to explore new destinations and explore diverse cultures that are abundantly spread across the Middle East and Asia. Paradise Tours can tap into this consumer demand and do good business. Specific target market demographics would include working couples who save enough to afford an annual vacation as well as businessmen who are willing to both enjoy a holiday as well as explore the multitude of business opportunities available in the Middle East and Asia. Also, we can attract families by offering them group discounts for booking a family holiday trip with four or more family members. The tour shall start for the United Kingdom. After departing from there, the tourists will embark on the United Arab Emirates. After the United Arab Emirates, the next stop would be Tokyo and that would follow up with Egypt and finally back to the United Kingdom. All flights are to be planned and coordinated with arrival time at the airport so that the tourist reaches at least two hours before flight time on each airport. This will reduce the risk of missing the flights and hence disturbing all other planned operations. The tour bus culture is gradually and surely diminishing, individuals, couples and families all want and demand privacy to fully and openly express and enjoy themselves. Hence it is important to tie up with cheap but efficient car rental agencies in all mentioned countries. We must ensure a long term relationship with these agencies so that it is a cost-effective as well as a productive venture. This can be done through profit-sharing models. In long term interests of profit base, we must also look to partner with hotels on a permanent basis. This must be done very carefully however by ensuring that the hotel to be&nbsp.partnered with is affordable, does not compromise on quality and service.

Health Sciences homework help