Health Sciences homework help. Hello how are you can you please help me with these questions thank you 7.The Ka for hypobromous acid, HOBr is 2.5 x 10". What is the pH of a 0.11 M solution of the acid?What is the % ionization of the acid at this concentration?8.A 0.45 M solution of a weak base B has a pH of 1 1.33. The equation for ionization isB (aq) + H20 -> BH* + OHWhat are the BH , OH, and B concentrations at equilibrium? Calculate K,, for the base.9.The base ethanolamine, HOCH,CH2NH2, has a pK, equal to 4.50. Calculate the hydroxideconcentration, the pH, and the % ionization for a 0.17 M solution.

Health Sciences homework help