Health Sciences homework help. Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on evidence based practice on depression. About 15-20% of these families were dysfunctional and slightly higher in the initial stages of palliative care. The intermediate families also exhibited moderate chances of psychosocial morbidity.Family members of these two groups were included in the assessment of family relationship index. Different assessment methods were used to assess the three main indicators of family relationships-cohesiveness, conflict, and expressiveness (of thought and feeling). The Family Assessment Device based on the McMaster Model, The Brief Symptom Inventory based on Hopkins Symptoms Checklist, Beck Depression Inventory, The Social Adjustment Scale, The Bereavement Phenomenology Questionnaire were used to collect data to assess the three indicators of family relationships from a sample of 257 families comprising 701 individuals. 4. Description and purpose of study: Example: Why did they do the treatment? This article aimed to assess and reduce depression among family members of patients diagnosed with terminal illness such as cancer. Purpose of the study was to minimize risks of depression among caregivers and family members.High-risk families identified through family-relationship index that contained patients with at least 6 months prognosis and between age 35 and 70 years were included in the study. Other inclusion criteria included ability to understand English, living with partner, having children older than 12 years and geographical accessibility.

Health Sciences homework help