Health Sciences homework help. Write 7 page essay on the topic What the effect and/or importance of the techniques are to making meaning in the movie.A 1968 film by Steve McQueen, that was rated to be the best.One of the actors in the movie is Ryan Gosling. He has no clear appreciation until he performs in Blue valentine. He became dominant in comedic works especially in Stupid Love. In the last series of his films, it is evident that he can deliver the goods in comedy and give a dramatic performance. He takes a new formula in Drive that is contrary to his initial acting of comedy. an action star. Gosling does a perfect job in creating violence to give a taste to the movie. Despite his initial poor performances, Drive gives Gosling a step up to performances worth of Oscar awards.Goslings is more intriguing and mysterious through his character in the movie. In this movie, the main character is not known by a nickname but he occupies the film name hence Driver. This name goes in line with the title and gives direct meaning to the expectation in the movie. The audiences are move to know how stiff and serious the driver in the film is. Drivers character is the creation of curiosity, which may drive the audience to inquire who he is. The approach is best for developing the character of actors and keep secrecy of all intentions in relation to past happenings. The character must resemble the actor in order to unpredictability in every action and line as depicted in Drive.The Drive movie is not full of dialogue in the scripts, but most of its scenes are filled with silence. The silence sets the mood of every scene in a different perspective. Silence is a technique that was used in the movie known as the boy in the Stripped Pajamas, where scenes that have no background music are colder and much tenser. In the scenes where silence is used, the conversations between characters become awkward at times, but they have a reality feel. In the silence scenes, dialogues are simple but awkward in a way similar to a conversation in reality.They do not need to have cheesy lines to bring

Health Sciences homework help