Health Sciences homework help. Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Title of Article: Carroll: Marijuana Case a Gross Injustice.The medical studies done on marijuana show no lasting ill effects except perhaps short-term memory losses while still under its influence. Unlike use of alcohol or tobacco, marijuana does not cause any serious ailments such as cancer, birth defects, liver damage, emphysema or hypertension.It is therefore very surprising and disheartening to hear that Christopher Bartkowicz had been arrested for marijuana possession and is facing the real prospect of a very long jail term if convicted. I totally agree with Vincent Carroll in saying the proposed minimum of 60 years’ incarceration and possibly a life behind bars is a perfect case of gross injustice (Marijuana Case a Gross Injustice in 22 Sept. 2010 issue). This is a clear outrage and people must speak up for their right to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Colorado allowed its use strictly for medical applications and Bartkowicz must be allowed to use this defense during his trial to perhaps reduce his sentence if ever he is convicted. The punishment must fit the crime and his two prior convictions must not be considered when imposing a sentence. In this case, the punishment is grossly disproportionate when considering that many people in Colorado had abused Amendment 20 to procure, buy and use marijuana by registering as marijuana patients and caregivers although they were not medically qualified. It simply does not make sense to single out one individual but let many others get away with the same crime as Mr. Bartkowics stands accused of.

Health Sciences homework help