Health Sciences homework help. Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the american family. The traditional family has been looked upon for a long time as a happy and contented type of family. people often think that deviating from this customary arrangement will be adverse, detrimental or even abnormal. The crumbling of the traditional nuclear family has been coupled by an expansion of household arrangements in the United States. The presence of these alternative households essentially defies mainstream attitudes regarding the appropriate role and status of women, the regulation of sexuality, the limitations of families and suitable child-rearing environments and values (ibid). Beck-Gernsheim (2002) disputes that family life has turned out to be more complex as the time-honored traditions and rules collapse, relationships became not as much of stable and the family is frequently faced with conflicting and occasionally irreconcilable demands and decisions. Gradually, people who live within the type of family recognized as normal in the 1950s, lessen. Manifold societal changes such as the division of sexuality and reproduction, greater equal opportunity for women, the acceptance of same-sex relationships and more global migration and intermarriage have resulted in the simultaneous existence of numerous alternative family lifestyles (Baker 2003). Given the dynamism of the social organization of the American family, this paper will explore the changes that have occurred from the 1950s to the present to the institution of the family in America or a comparative analysis of the American family in 1950 and the American family in the present. The aspects that will be extensively included are the prevailing social norms regarding family and family roles, gender roles and family’s functions. In order to achieve the objective of analyzing these changes in the nature and makeup of the family in a sociological manner, the functionalist perspective will be duly applied, particularly&nbsp.the functionalist theory of Talcott Parsons.&nbsp.

Health Sciences homework help