Health Sciences homework help. Complete 1 page APA formatted article: What we learned from History. What we learned from History According to Gagnon, study of history is valuable in understanding the aspects of American democracy and other aspects. Gagnon asserts that the study of history enables students to develop one of the most vital senses of “shared humanity”. The sense of “shared humanity” as described by Gagnon contributes significantly to enabling history students to understand themselves as well as others. These are important aspects in understanding American democracy, which includes amongst other aspects gathering of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. American democracy involves diverse people and cultures hence the need for a history student to have the sense of “shared humanity” in a bid to understand resemblance, differences, and actions amongst them. Studying history on the other hand will assist students in discerning democratic facts from guesses besides grasping the idea of complex nature of democracy. Since studying history enables students to realize that not every problem has solutions, students will be able to understand technicalities involved within American democracy. Indeed, history will be very significant to understanding American democracy. In addition, there are many contributions so far made to extend democracy, liberty, and justice from the 1920s to present. America has for these decades promoted conditions and environments that nurture democratic society. Moreover, there have been extensive educational reforms that include teaching of the art of democratic politics. Such educational reforms have been necessary providing adequate understanding of American democracy, liberty, and justice. Gagnon admits that most of the democratic issues cannot be solved in neat and final ways except for educational reforms. In conclusion, the present generations need to do more than just study history in respect to democracy, liberty, and justice. The present generation needs to understand that democracy is a slow process that needs more than education. It is high time that the present generation got involved in fighting for justice and liberty as effective ways or enhancing democracy within the United States of America. Work CitedGagnon, Paul.

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