Gender Studies homework help. Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Can The Mediterranean Diet Reduce Heart Disease.This research will begin with the statement that among the different types of diets that have become popular to help people lose weight, the Mediterranean diet is one that has been able to maintain its fame when it was first introduced until at present. Nonetheless, this type of diet has been studied by medical researchers and its association with some very common diseases in the society. Consisting of highly available products in the market, the Mediterranean diet is one that is rich in fish, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. Additionally, the consumption of olive oil, non-refined bread, and cereals, as well as a low intake of dairy products, fresh and processed meats, sweets, and wine are included. Although it may seem just as any food being consumed by everyone, the key components of Mediterranean diets is basically a healthy eating habit consisting at least two of these attributes inconsistency – a high ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fat, low to moderate red wine consumption, high legume consumption, significant grain and cereal consumption, significant consumption of fruits and vegetables, high fish consumption along with low consumption of meats and meat products, and moderate consumption of milk and dairy products. The most recent study conducted regarding this diet was its role in reducing the risk of obtaining heart disease. In 2003, the PREDIMED or Prevención Con Dieta Mediterránea study was first conducted in Spain over a seven-year period, which aims to prevent cases of cardiovascular diseases.

Gender Studies homework help