Gender Studies homework help. You will prepare and submit a term paper on Mental Health in Modern Psychology. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Media has portrayed mental health as a crucial concern in modern psychology. Normally criminal behavior and violent a=ones are associated with mental problems in news around the world. Normally, the nexus is simple discrimination and stigmatization of a given group that the society tends to discriminate against. people having psychiatric disorders. This paper looked at the mechanism that the mass media employs the psychiatric psychology in depicting and explaining the violent events. The terminologies normally differentiated from many professional words like the mad, psycho to words that are disrespectful such as the deranged, nuts, and twisted. As unpredictable or unstable are aimed normally used to describe people having psychiatric behaviors, they mean diminished responsibility which is regarded by the authors to explain the socially unacceptable behaviors. The reason why the trend is worrying is tabloids appealing to psychiatric languages helping to perpetuate the society’s negative behaviors towards people having a mental illness. The expectation of the society to the people having psychiatric disorders is the idea of exhibiting the untrustworthy, erratic, unreliable, unsociable, dangerous, unpredictable, transient, unemployed, observed by authors as themes that reoccur in the newspapers. Lauber conducted research analyzing the capacity of people to recognize mental problems. The hypothesis behind the study was a positive correlation between the ability of the people in recognizing the mental illness and the positive notion towards the affected individuals. However, the outcome was a negative correlation implying that people are good at recognizing the mental illness. they are in a position to support the ideas&nbsp.of segregating the people from society. Taking into consideration the individual negative perception with the mental problems will continue to persist, despite the information available on the media’s information on mental health.

Gender Studies homework help