Gender Studies homework help. Hi, I need help with essay on Social and historical aspects of Latin American crime. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Nevertheless countries that are the main suppliers of cocaine are also the poorest when their GDP compared to Brazil or Argentina. Yet exactly these countries have most shaky economic conditions and because of their political immaturity remain a good prey for manipulations and corruption. It is also difficult for them to exist after the violent and traumatic age of political repressions, totalitarian oppression and colonial tyranny before it. Latin America is really a gallery full to the edge with colorful and bright portraits of different dictators: Augusto Pinochet, Rosas, Chaves are among world most famous tyrants. Such position creates a bright contrast between the highly liberal and democratic system of the USA or even Canada colonized mostly by British and French on one side and Hispanic Latino Americans from the South part of the Continent. Like Spain and Portugal were in past more influenced by the African and Middle Eastern influences of Arab culture it can be said that Southern America felt deeply Eastern violence characterized by terrible dictatorships unknown to European Monarchies. People like Castro, Jimenez or other generals who like Stalin, Mao, Saddam or Kim Jong-il happened to take all the power in their hands because of war and total poverty of people. The poorer country is the easier it is to blackmail it with most simple products of high importance like food, water, simple safety in your own house and peaceful sky. Wars happen when people are so despaired that they can’t take it anymore.

Gender Studies homework help