Gender Studies homework help. Need help with my writing homework on What is the definition of policy. Write a 250 word paper answering; Policy Policy New policies have been developed as a result of the adoption of a new health care delivery system in the United States of America. These policies have been necessitated by both political and economic factors. Additionally, social factors also do have an influence on the development of nursing policies. Florence nightingale was very instrumental in the development of policies aimed at enhancing health. In fact, she is considered as the founder of the nursing profession. Florence nightingale was very instrumental in formulating public health policy. Her policies have had a significant impact on the nursing field worldwide since she was among the first to offer or advocate for a full public health care system. Clear and well thought out policies are vital especially in times of rapid change in the health care field to advocate for improved communication within organizations so as to advance public health. Policies determine the care accorded to families, communities or individuals when accessing health care services. Thus, policy is primarily defined as a course of action which is followed by an institution, government or business to achieve the desired goal. According to Parahoo (2014) health policy is defined as both the private and public policies which are directly linked to the provision of health services. The primary purpose for the formulation of policies is to safeguard the health of the public. Thus, policies basically serve as a management tool for risk management while promoting health. McDonald (2006) states that Nightingale’s holistic approach to the concept of health focused on critical elements that mainly influenced health. These are good child care, safe childbirth, good nutrition, decent housing and access to clean air and water. Thus, policies enhance and increases safety in nursing practice (parahoo, 2014).ReferencesMcDonald, L. (2006). Florence Nightingale and public health policy: Theory, activism and public administration. In Origins of Public Health Policy CSAA Meetings, York University.Parahoo, K. (2014). Nursing research: principles, process and issues. Palgrave Macmillan.

Gender Studies homework help