Gender Studies homework help. Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Reflective Account of Environmental Assessment.environmental management system (EMS), environmental impact assessment, environmental statement, carbon accounting, and carbon management in buildings, environmental economic appraisal and strategic environment management. All these activities aim at securing the environment.The environmental management system (EMS) is a kind of tool and program that is used in managing the impacts of the activities on the environment at large. EMS provides an effective approach and structure of planning and implementing measures of protection of the environment. An EMS ensures that environmental management are integrated in an organizations day to day activities, short term goals and in long term planning of the organizations objectives (Melnyk, Robert and Roger, 2003). For an organization to be able to come up with an EMS, it should first access and analyze the impact it has on the environment, it should come up with goals of reducing impacts on the environment and come up with a strategy of achieving the goals and objectives that have been set. For the development of an effective EMS, commitment and support should be evident from the top level management to the staff as well (Sroufe, 2003).The environmental policy of the organization should be firstly considered when coming up with an EMS. The policy ensures that the activities of EMS are in line with the objectives of the organization. An environmental audit should be taken before coming up with an EMS to help in identifying the impacts of the organizations activities on the environment. The target and objectives of an organization should also be considered when developing an EMS because it will guide the organization on how to achieve it. The staff and the community surrounding the environment should be committed before, during and after the establishment or developing of the EMS. The operations and procedures also need to be compatible with the objectives of the EMS. The monitoring of the performance of the organization

Gender Studies homework help