Gender Studies homework help. Write 16 pages thesis on the topic business strategies. It goes without saying that rival companies may be interested in the information held by a company and it should be anticipated that cases such as theft of such held information may happen. Therefore, in order for a company to be successful, such problems should be kept under control. &nbsp.In a survey provided by the Ministry of Information and Communication, investment in information protection systems is not equivalent to the type of protection systems technology available in more developed countries. This means that these companies are not aware of the value such as investment could bring. Another reason could be the fact that specialists who have a considerable amount of expertise regarding such technology cannot be found easily. Therefore, a security manager alone cannot singlehandedly prevent illegal intrusions into a company’s database. As a result, most companies do not see the importance of investing large sums of money in order to have a good protection system against information trespassing.&nbsp.The usage of technology in starting up a business is important because it could mean the difference between properly managing a business and mismanaging it. Should rival elements get in the way of a company’s records or files, the operation of the company could be ruined. A variety of disadvantages could follow as a result of such a scenario. The reputation of the company would not only be at stake, but also the reputation of the company’s employees. Information acquired from a company’s database could be misused with the intention of leading towards the company’s downfall and loss of assets. In a survey performed by The Conference Board, it turned out that&nbsp.74 percent of companies had a difficult time protecting information that was confidential and mandatory for the company’s existence. This difficulty lay only second against other difficulties a company may face, the top constraint being a company’s difficulty in complying with rules and regulations set by the government. Security is everything when it comes to business. It does not only judge financial risks, but it may also be the judge on whether the company would continue operations for a longer period of time.&nbsp.Competition against other rival companies is key to deciding whether a company should strengthen its security information systems or not. In any case, it is always better than a company is equipped with the latest technology to prevent any information from leaking out.

Gender Studies homework help