Gender Studies homework help. Write 9 page essay on the topic On-screen prototype/prototype design of a multimedia product.5. You have just experienced shutter speed. In photography, whether we are talking about the old time film cameras old Kodak pops on screen or the high tech new cameras of the now generation new Nikon, our control over the shutter speed is only one element of taking a good picture.6. Click on a picture to see how shutter speed can affect the outcome of an image Two pictures appear, one of a blurry bunch of lights on a dark night (clicks to slide 7), one of a runner in clear focus (clicks to slide 10).(7.) Clicking on picture 1 provides following slide: This image might be useful as a cover image for a gruesome sci-fi mystery of mysterious lights hovering over an unsuspecting quiet canal community repeat of blurry boats picture, but it was supposed to be a picture of a group of lighted boats in a Christmas parade. Although the boats were moving very slowly (you can still get an idea of how big the boat was and how narrow the canal), the slow shutter speed on the camera exposed the ‘film’ (this was a digital camera after all) for a long period of time.(8.) Moving back inside our camera again, video starts, growing from the center of the screen to fill the screen with black, we see the shutter open light begins to shine in and get an image of the boats sitting in the canal and everything is crystal clear. But then the shutter stays open a little longer and the boats begin to move. Video traces the motion of the boats allowing the picture to get distorted. Since we can’t forget the image we saw to start with and now we have to deal with the changed image in front of us, the picture begins to get blurry. The longer the shutter stays open, the blurrier things get video mimics this description. Video ends.(9.) Still screen and written instructions: Would you like to see what happens at other shutter speeds? Clicks to slide 10 Or Would you like to learn more about those strange f-numbers that pop up from time to time?

Gender Studies homework help