English Language and Literature homework help. Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Add SWOT , introduction , conclusion and executive summery.With the current levels of globalization, the level of competition in the service industry has seen a tremendous increase. This has resulted from the ability of multinational industry to venture in different markets in the world. In addition, liberalization of the markers has also enabled these companies to diversify their operation. Also, flow of information and removal of tariffs by different countries can also be associated with increased levels of competition. This trend has necessitated the formation of a strong marketing department in every service industry which will be able to research on the changing consumption behaviors of customers and come up with better services in order to create customer loyalty.Service industries or the providers need to increase the competitive differentiation, productivity and the service quality. It is necessary to maintain a link between the desired service and the profit. Organization delivering services needs to make a profit for the growth of the organization in the future and to maintain a stable market share (Kumar, 2010). In the service industry, the perception of quality is much more important and dependent on the expectation of the customer rather than in the marketing strategies of goods. Lower expectation can however, make for the greatest satisfaction, and with it word of mouth is an important and vital in the journey towards the purchase of service. It is important to determine the target market and set an objective which would help the firm to determine the area which is of interest to the marketer (Greechie, 2008).The marketing objectives for a brand in the hospitality industry often includes customer satisfaction and gaining the trust of the customer which would increase the customer loyalty towards the brand and make the customers come back to the same brand again and again. The service sector chosen is the hotel industry, hospitality

English Language and Literature homework help