English Language and Literature homework help. sinessLike Whole Foods, all companies must align their business functions to meet their customer needs. To achieve economies of scale, businesses must develop a(n) ___________ to determine how the business will function in terms of the division of labor, assignment of responsibility, and allocation of resources. organizational structure network benchmark organizational culture core competencyCorporate structures showing the relationships among people are visually demonstrated through the use of an organizational chart. matrix. network. benchmark. roadmap.Henri Fayol and Max Weber are two major contributors to the theories of organizational theory. Which of the following is one of Fayol’s primary principles of organization? One boss Clearly established rules Job descriptions Bureaucracy Consistent proceduresWhole Foods has grown from a local small store to a large corporation. As a large company, Whole Foods has been able to make managerial decisions as a small store through the use of decentralization. executive management. centralized authority. vertical hierarchy. corporate culture.Whole Foods Stores is built on the core values of integrity, employee empowerment, and providing high-quality products to its customers. These core values are known as the company’s organizational culture. mission statement. span of control. bureaucracy. organizational commitment

English Language and Literature homework help