English Language and Literature homework help. I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Final Examination. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. They then undertake a video exam where they watch a scenario and give their feedback. The applicants then undergo a physical fitness test. A background investigation is then conducted. A drug test, psychological test, polygraph oral interview and medical examination are taken to determine the suitability of the candidate.A background investigation is conducted to ensure applicants with criminal pasts and current criminal dealings are barred from being recruited. Police recruitment agencies have invested huge resources to ensure thorough background checks are conducted to determine the integrity of the applicants. The credit histories, history of drug use, academic records employment history are reviewed. This to establish any issue from the past that might jeopardize the applicant’s ability to perform their duties should they is recruited to the force.3. The three main branches of our federal government are equal and each has their own individual checks and balances they can exert over the other two. Name the three branches and give some examples of each of their individual checks and balances.The U.S government is made up of three parts, the Executive, the Legistrature and the judicially. The three branches of government share power between them through clearly stipulated checks and balances that provide the separation of powers. The legistrature exerts influence on the executive through several ways. They include the power to override presidential vetoes. it has the power to declare war, allocate state funds and to impeach the president. It also influences the judicially through the senate’s role of approving federal judges and the power to set the court’s jurisdiction. The executive checks on the legistrature through its ability to call either of the houses or both of them for an emergency session.

English Language and Literature homework help