English Language and Literature homework help. Write 2 page essay on the topic Dell Inc. in 2006 Competitive Strategy.Michael Dell is one such leader, who always tries new approaches, as he has done in the case of Personal computers. “Michael Dell demonstrates the power of the leader whose authenticity and openness to learning pervades and motivates an entire company.” (sodexhousa.com). Another trait of Michael Dell, which is considered crucial to the success of Dell, is not resting on laurels, but moving on to do better things as quickly as possible. Michael Dell (2003 qtd in Business week) says: “Celebrate for a nanosecond. Then move on.” So, these are the few of the many leadership traits of Michael Dell, which is contributing to the growing success of Dell Inc. and makes it one of the top manufacturers of PC’s and Servers.Strength: Dell through Direct Channel Method is able to offer the customers, customized and richly configured systems at competitive prices. It also introduces new technologies quite quickly, than its competitorsOpportunities: It has opportunities to develop technologically and geographically. That is, as its suppliers improve their technologies, Dell can also provide technologically improved products. Then with many developing countries becoming computer savvy. Dell can reach their marketsSo, SWOT analysis of Dell reveals that it has a lot of strengths and opportunities to maintain its market share and provide quality innovative products at competitive prices. But, at the same time, it has weaknesses and threats, which can affect its production and also could damage its brand image.Porter’s Value Chain encapsulates the integration of value to the products from the extraction or usage of raw materials to the sale of the finished product to the ultimate customer, whilst taking into account organizational, technological and human factors. In the case of Dell, the inbound logistics is the various high tech computer related

English Language and Literature homework help