English Language and Literature homework help. Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Compare and Contrast two stories.While Desiree and Jig both love their partners and yearn for the man’s understanding of their positions, they differ in their dependence on their partners.Hemingway’s and Chopin’s heroines both love their partners. It is evident that Jig and her partner share a long-term relationship and have spent substantial time together. The man testifies to their shared happiness when he says that Jig’s pregnancy is “the only thing thats made us unhappy” (Hemingway, 230). Her partner’s love is so important to her that Jig is willing to have the abortion if it will make him “happy and things will be like they were and youll love me” (Hemingway, 231). She professes to care more for the man than for herself. In the case of Aubigny and Desiree, she readily concedes that “she loved him desperately” and tells her mother, “Oh, mamma, Im so happy. it frightens me” (Chopin, 3). Aubigny is like God to her.&nbsp.The love which characterizes the relationship of the two women with their partners makes them long for their men’s understanding. Jig is in favor of having the child, while her partner pushes her towards an abortion. She is aware that her pregnancy is a part of the larger picture of her relationship with her partner, and is linked with the possibility of their future happiness. She makes an impassioned appeal to him, “Doesn’t it mean anything to you? We could get along” (Hemingway, 88). The man remains oblivious to her perspective. Likewise, Desiree also appeals to her husband. She denies his accusation of her black antecedents and reaches out to him for support. She hopefully asks, “Do you want me to go? (Chopin, 5). Like Jig’s partner, Aubigny remains immune to Desiree’s plea for understanding. Both men reject the women’s stand.The men’s rejection engenders different reactions in the two women. Jig weighs their relationship and is

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