English Language and Literature homework help. Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Global HRM.Hofstedes, Trompenaars, and the globe models cross-cultural dimensions had an impact on human resource management. The primary focus of these three dimensions was on human thinking, behavior of organizations in predictable situations, and feeling and acting. Although each dimension had something particular to point out, it affected HRM. One of the implications was that HRM should not consider people as groups but as individuals because in as many as people are in a group they are different. Another implication was that the predictable way might not turn out as expected. It is usually advisable to have a backup plan in case the first idea does not go through. The HRM should also have a clearly defined time frame. It can either be on short term or long term or inner versus outer time. It makes managing duty simpler because they are well classified. The other issue was to define societies in relation to their gender and uncertainties. It is also advisable for HRM to understand that there could be different many uncertainties, and that things do not always go through as planned (Cullen& Parboteeah,

English Language and Literature homework help