Engineering homework help. You are a recently promoted Captain of the Winter Haven Police Department. Within the department, there has been a decline in the morale of the officers, as well as the general sense of pride. These issues have risen mainly due to a number of incidents including: officer arrests for making false cases, accusations of excessive use of force, and mishandling (stealing) of evidence. In your new position, you are responsible for overseeing the Internal Affairs Division which investigates and handles all administrative complaints on police officers. Your assignment is to give a speech before your staff, officers of the police department, the city commission, and other prominent members of the city including concerned citizens. Your speech should include the following topics: citizen complaints, police misconduct, and the investigation of citizen complaints. During your speech, you should also address the following issues: 1) what kinds of citizen complaints should be given close scrutiny and what ones not; 2) what forms of police misconduct should require the greatest attention by the police department; 3) how will you expect the members under your command to conduct themselves when dealing with citizens and police officers during an investigation of a complaint; 4) what kinds of cases are ideal for mediation and why—also, what will the mediation process consist of; and 5) the words “ethics” and “integrity” are mentioned several times throughout the Winter Haven Police Department SOP’s. What do you plan to do to ensure the integrity of the department is maintained and the level of ethics within the department is raised to a level you would be proud of? 6) You should also include a section in your paper discrediting the “rotten apples” theory as it applies to your department. Your explanation should explain the officer’s conduct on an individual basis as it relates to one of the main Ethical theories

Engineering homework help