Engineering homework help. Write 1 page with APA style on The Scientific Method. Experiment 3:Materials – 1 Peep, 1 600mL beaker, PhenolMethods – The peep was floated in a beaker containing a solution of Phenol. The Peep was observed for a little over an hour and its reactions to the solution examined.Responding Variable: Peeps “lifespan” in terms of dissolving or not.Controlled Variable: Solution Peep is put into.The RESULTS/CONCLUSIONS: Experiment 1 found that Peeps do not dissolve in water, acetone, sulfuric acid, or sodium hydroxide. Experiment 2 found that Peeps do not dissolve when sulfuric acid is injected directly into their bodies with a 30cc syringe, either. However, Experiment 3 proved that Peeps did dissolve almost entirely in Phenol, except for the eyes, which are apparently indestructible. Since Phenol is used in labs to dissolve proteins, this suggests that Peeps are made out of proteins/gelatin instead of directly out of sugar.

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