Engineering homework help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The implementation of a marketing plan. It needs to be at least 2000 words.As such, the strategy will enable TUTTI MATTI beat some of her competitors who constantly threaten her business. One of the strategies that should be used is the provision of discounts or coupons with the purchase of movie tickets. Tutti Matti should also focus on providing discounts on particular days, such as Monday and Tuesday. Delivery services to people working around the area can also be of great benefit. The restaurant should also offer roof top event during summer time as well as participate at the Summerlicious. In addition, they should take advantage of free internet advertising platforms such as Facebook or the use of blogs. Further, the Toronto life magazine could be used as a great as a promotion tool. Tutti Matti should not charge corkage fee. Solomon should also actively participate in food competitions and other charity events so as to gain a reputation. Solomon’s main focus should be attracting new customers and increasing her customer base. She, therefore, needs to undertake a lot of promotional activities while providing the best pricing for her customers. Maintaining a strong customer base will play a big role in eliminating the effect of the economy downturn. A marketing plan provides a clarification of marketing elements of a business entity. It also maps out the objectives, the directions as well as the activities for a business and its work force. A marketing plan normally focuses on issues that are related to price, product, place and promotion.

Engineering homework help