Engineering homework help. Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Film Analysis : Concept Application. The fact that slasher films, such as ‘Scream’ portray the killing of each character through the adoption of a realistic and explicit approach further enhances the individuality of the genre however, it is important to identify that the presence of this particular trait cannot be termed as the defining feature of the subcategory because it comprises of several other critical components to set it apart from other diverse horror viewings.One such distinguishable trait of cinematic viewings like ‘Scream’ which belong to the slasher subgenre is the nuance of the final girl which has also surfaced as a theoretical concept for assessing the visual piece and its portrayal of gender in a category that usually appears to distance itself from crossing boundaries and incorporating the notions of race, class, social identity and gender as fundamental issues in cinematic portrayal.‘Scream’ is set in the imagined location of Woodsboro – a small town which becomes plagued by the fear of two murders that are initiated by an anonymous killer, Ghostface whose voice is introduced to the audience as that of a mystifying caller who interrogates high school student Casey about horror films and ends up killing both the victim and her boyfriend because of the former’s inability to accurately answer a question regarding horror films. Later, amidst the chaos of the murders which have rocked the town and attracted the presence of media personnel to the location, a similar call is received by high school student Sidney Prescott who at the time assumes the caller to be her boyfriend Billy, only for him to be released of the charges the next day. Eventually, the murder of the local high school’s principal turns out to be an event which triggers a celebration by Stu because the ongoing investigation into the matter forces the school to shut down for the day. Stu, being Billy’s friend also invites Sidney to the party where several other characters are also present.

Engineering homework help