Engineering homework help. Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic International Management 9. Determination is the driving force and he advocates for survival even through hardships and setbacks (Daft 2002). The CEO of Virgin Group is a team builder. Branson has realized his capabilities as a leader and due to these he has endeavored to build a working team to complement those areas he perceives to be weak in (Mintzberg 2004 & Peterson 2003). He has a sense of respect for ethical and moral issues for the workers and gives them fair recognition and appreciation, he is loyal to those he works with however he has tough negotiation and interpersonal skills and very ruthless (Mayer 2004 & Parker 2007).Charismatic is another description of Branson, whether learnt behavior of an element of personality is not important, but he has managed to stay charming to his partners and business associates and clients (Judge et al 2002), and this makes him able to become what he wants especially when he appears in public. He is a team builder playing role in team building activities like games and stunts. One of the critical point of his team building activity is the appointment of the management team. Studies indicate that the team has profound influence on the strategy implemented by the organization especially the top leaders (Daft 2002). He provides incentives and creative processes that are autonomous to an extent that they are given shareholding allowance.Global marketing calls for diversity. One such diversified business is the virgin Atlantic company, operating in planes, trains and space shuttle, and Sir Richard Branson in the chairman of the business. He has adopted the global management strategy that is founded on creativity, sound decision making and visionary approach.

Engineering homework help