Engineering homework help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Marketing is the major factor in the success in any business. True or false. It needs to be at least 750 words.This paper seeks to discuss some of the key aspects that marketing a determining factor for the success of any business.One of the major merits of marketing is to inform the potential customers about a particular product or service. A business that wants to be known by the communities and more customers must employ marketing strategies as a way of informing the customers about a new brand. Without conducting effective marketing, potential customers may not be aware of ones business leave alone the products and services being provided. Thus prospective customers can know about new or existing business by use of marketing and promotion (Hochbaum 37). Customers are communicated to through the use of advertising for example through television, magazines, internet, bill boards as well as promotional methods such as competitions and road side shows.Another importance of marketing is that once the business owner informs his or her potential customers about the products and services being provided by the business, there is a high probability of the consumers making a purchase. After the potential customers becomes aware of the products they are also in a position to make word of mouth marketing that involves telling their families and friends about the benefits of a new products that that have purchased from the business (Kotler and Philip 24). As a result, the business will experience high sales and sustainable profitability that is essential for the expansion of the company operations. It is vital to note that without use of marketing strategies it would be possible to achieve such high sales.Solid reputation leads to the success of a business. As a major responsibility, marketing assists in building the image of a business. When a business is involved in marketing strategies for example through corporate social responsibilities such

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