Engineering homework help. Problem Set 1: Ocean Primary Productivity {2D points} Total net primary production on Earth exceeds 100 billion tons of carbon per year,and it plays an important role in the globalcarbon cycle. Roughly half of the global productivity occurs in the ooeans and is produced by microscopic phytoplankton. Whileestimates of ocean productivity have been made for decades. it wasn’t until ocean-observing satellites 1«were Launched in the19TD’s and 50’s that we truly gained adequate global coverage in space and time of phytoplankton populations to makereasonable estimates of ocean net primary production. From http f?mwscienceoregonstateedufocea uctivityg” Questions: Referring to the seasonal primary productivity maps below,and what you learned in lab, lecture. and your readings,answer questions 1-! below. As you knowI primary productivity maps measured in mgfm3. Red shows areas of relative high primary productivity and purpleshow area of relatively low primary. January, February?r?orch n- ?tm?fommm my Gross Seasonal Primary Production: Summer [Horthem Hemisphere} and Winter [Northern Hemisphere}

Engineering homework help