Engineering homework help. Please see the attachment containing the question……………..The city council of Pine Bluffs is considering increasing the number of police in an effort to reduce crime.Before making a ?nal decision, the council asked the chief of police to sunre}.r other cities of similar size todetermine the relationship between the number of police and the number of crimes reported. The chiefgathered the following sample information. City Police Number of Crines City Police Number of CrinesOxford 25 20 H olg ate 26 9Starksvil Ie 26 16 Carey 21 21Danville 32 9 Whistler 20 24- Athens 35 11 Woodville 28 10 BCIicI-c here for the Excel Data File a. Determine the regression equation. [Round your answers to 4 decimal places. Negative amountsshould be indicated bya minus sign} ’9 = |—+|—x b. Estimate the number of crimes for a city with 2? police of?cers. [Round your answer to 4 decimalplaces.] Number Of cr’mes I c. Interpret the regression equation. [Click to select) by one. {Click to select} For each policeman added. the number of cr’mes goes

Engineering homework help