Engineering homework help. Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Technoligies.ys of old was the pinhole camera also referred as ‘Camera Obscura’ which was a preferred tool in the realistic portrayal of objects and as a drawing tool. The partnership between joseph Nicephore Niepce and a French man Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre brought about the development of photographs that were permanent and this preceded the capturing of image with minimal requirement of light exposure.The process of image capture and processing went from the negative to positive process from which multiple positive prints would be made. This innovation is where paper is sensitized to light with a silver salt solution and followed by exposure to light which caused the paper’s background to change colour to black and the intended focus is rendered in nuance of grey. The result produced the negative image and a reverse process of the shadow and light is applied to create a positive picture. Photography innovations elevated to the dry plate negatives and hand held cameras making production easier. The flexible roll film that was unbreakable came into existence and in early 1940s, colour photographs were introduced into the commercial market place. The colour films used a chemical process that attaches three layers of dye together generating an ostensible colour appearance.The transformation of camera technology has provided breakthroughs in research, information gathering, communications, and treatments providing doctors new methods of practicing medicine. In a survey conducted by American Life Project and Pew Internet, the findings indicated that about 66% of individuals browsed for healthcare data on the internet. The material sought after on the internet includes. treatment exploration, symptoms check, and medicines which is made available through captured images by photography.Doctors in some parts of the world have decided to apply the use of cameras to determine the extents of pain through facial recognition. This has assisted in elimination of ambiguity in

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