Education homework help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on What Do We Get From Using Theory and Method in the Research. It needs to be at least 1750 words. The problem with the relationship between method and theory is that often through creating a theoretical framework in which method is established, a predetermined outcome is formed before observation and inquiry establish a sense of the truth.Theory and method can be described through identifiers that are both similar and different. The theory is a resource for creating a framework for a method. The theory is used as a tool for analysis and interpretation in which illumination of a phenomenon emerges. While the theory is a guide, a method occurs when an idea is put into actuality. The methodology is how the task is accomplished. According to Madison (2011: 14), “This tension between theory and method can be addressed by emphasizing what is significant about each as separate spheres and as inseparable entities”. The method is the activity that comes from the framework of the theory. The theory is used to “articulate and identify hidden forces and ambiguities that operate beneath appearances. to guide judgments and evaluations emanating from our discontent. to direct our attention to the critical expressions within different interpretive communities relative to their unique symbol systems, customs, and codes” (Madison 2011: 14). The idea of the theory is to create a resource from which to inspire inquiry.Flood, Heath, and Lapp (2004: 184-185) suggest that the differences between theory and method can be defined by the aspects of the theory as a single or group of supposition from which an explanation is developed about a phenomenon, while the method is the way or applications through which theory finds articulation. If one uses painting as an example of the relationship between theory and method, theory can be determined as the message that the piece of artwork intends, while the method is how the composition is constructed to create the message. Without theory, method has no structure and no framework from which to create a path towards discovery.

Education homework help