Education homework help. I will pay for the following essay Analyze John Singeltons Boyz N the Hood through the lens of Galen Strawsons Hard Determinism. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The movie leaves the audience to ponder whether the young characters were truly morally responsible for their ultimate fate. Looking through the lens of Galen Strawson’s “Hard Determinism” the movie seems to prove the philosophy that no individual is truly responsible since it requires the ideal determination of the self.The film is based on the black community and the director uses several characters to portray the characteristics and the problems faced by the society. Before the beginning of the film, the director supplies a statistics, which states that their counterparts in the community kill most of the black males. The story is told through Tre Styles- the main protagonist in the film. Due to some problems in the school he is moved to the black neighborhood of Los Angeles. His father Furious mentors him there and he is acquainted with two boys- Doughboy and Ricky. Furious is seen to have a conversation with Tre about sex and is seen to teach the importance of having precaution while having sex. The major plot in the film is the presence of the violent neighborhood of the black community and the violence within it. Most of the film revolves around the violence. There are minor plots in the film like the bias of culture in the testing procedures and the gentrification of the society. The Whites did not take care of the problems faced by the Blacks in the society. The drug abuse is a minor subplot that underlines the narrative of the film. The film highlights how the racial discrimination, lack of communal unity and lack of a neutral approach in all sectors were responsible for the ill fate of the Afro Americans.There are certain cases where the film shows some important incidents that underline the social structure in the country. The misconduct of the police when he is called by Furious to examine the case of burglary or when Tre and Ricky are caught states the behavior of the police in grappling the problems in the

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