Economics homework help. I need some assistance with these assignment. problem solving: promotion in the company Thank you in advance for the help! My current company is catering for my education which s not the case with the other company. In my current position, am assured of a promotion once I graduate which is the reason why I went back to school. Also, I am a little comfortable working in my state since I know many people who can assist in case of any problems including my supervisors. However, the job recommended to me is tempting considering the annual salary rise offered. Similarly, it has quite a number of allowances that one can benefit from. The starting date is exactly the period am supposed to start my final examinations of which I do not want to miss. This is because the exams are the only way out to my promotion and the reason I went back to school. Missing the exams means that I am not qualified to the promotion which I have been longing for. Notably, the vacant position is aimed at by more learned personnel than me and am yet to get to their level. The problem now is that I have to graduate whether I get the new job or not but I do not know how to go about it.In my current situation, the only solution is to forego one of the jobs. I have to complete my exams thereby getting a degree in order to get a promotion from my current position. All the same this means that I have to miss the starting of the other job in the other state. On the hand, I have a high chance of getting the new job as my former supervisor has assured me of the same. The problem is that if I opt for the job, I have to forget the examinations and the degree as well.

Economics homework help