Economics homework help. Esquire Products Inc. expects the following monthly sales:      January$49,000July$43,000February 40,000August 47,000March 33,000September 50,000April 35,000October 55,000May 29,000November 63,000June 27,000December 45,000Total sales = $516,000Cash sales are 40 percent in a given month, with the remainder going into accounts receivable. All receivables are collected in the month following the sale. Esquire sells all of its goods for $2 each and produces them for $1 each. Esquire uses level production, and average monthly production is equal to annual production divided by 12.a. Generate a monthly production and inventory schedule in units. Beginning inventory in January is 33,000 units.b.Explain how to find c. d. bc(Negative amounts should be indicated by a minus sign.)e. a

Economics homework help